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National Delurking Week is almost over!

It’s the last day of National Delurking Week where blog readers are encouraged to reveal themselves – and a little about themselves – to the blog authors and other readers!


To celebrate, I’ll take a leaf out of my fellow Metroblogger Annika Barranti‘s book and ask Metroblogging Auckland readers to share a little bit about themselves. You may share whatever you like, but here’s a few things to get you started:

* Do you live in Auckland?

* If yes, what district do you live or work in?

* If no, where do you live?

* Are you from Auckland originally or have you, like me, relocated here?

* What is your favourite aspect of living or working in Auckland?

* What one thing would you change about Auckland if you could?

As we’re one of the youngest cities in the Metroblogging network, it would be great to hear from the folks who have found us and learn what they like or dislike. Please leave a comment below or drop me a line with your opinions or suggestions. On the other hand, if you think we’re getting it all wrong and would like to redress the balance, why not join us as an author and get your voice heard across our global network?

Aotearoa – from space

Neil from our Metroblogging neighbours Melbourne tipped me off about a Digg science and space post concerning a stunning hi-res photo of the shuttle crew’s most recent space walk. The full size hi-res shot shows the bottom half of the North Island and the top half of the South way below the space walking astronauts. Click through and play spot the capital – amongst other places.

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Bombs in Bangkok

Please spare a thought for our fellow Metrobloggers and those in Bangkok whose New Year’s Day has seen bombings throughout the city.  Local bloggers are covering the events and aftermath in which it appears children and six foreign visitors were hurt by what are reported to be grenade explosion.

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Bree & Emmalina: antipodean YouTube hits

Despite having populations smaller that some US states, New Zealand and Australia can lay claim to producing the stars of two of YouTube’s most successful vlogging hits of 2006.


Kiwi Jessica Rose was outed earlier this year as the struggling actress behind Bree, the subject of the LonelyGirl15 video blogs. The outing did her no harm as the ‘teenage’ video diary soap opera continues to occupy the No.1 Most Subscribed slot months after Bree and her production team were unmasked.


On the other side of The Ditch down in Tasmania, the real life vlog of the dancing and yoga-practising Emmalina has taken her up to the No.22 Most Subscribed slot. This in spite of a three month filming hiatus brought on by viewer criticism of her dancing and yoga.

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