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National Delurking Week is almost over!

It’s the last day of National Delurking Week where blog readers are encouraged to reveal themselves – and a little about themselves – to the blog authors and other readers!


To celebrate, I’ll take a leaf out of my fellow Metroblogger Annika Barranti‘s book and ask Metroblogging Auckland readers to share a little bit about themselves. You may share whatever you like, but here’s a few things to get you started:

* Do you live in Auckland?

* If yes, what district do you live or work in?

* If no, where do you live?

* Are you from Auckland originally or have you, like me, relocated here?

* What is your favourite aspect of living or working in Auckland?

* What one thing would you change about Auckland if you could?

As we’re one of the youngest cities in the Metroblogging network, it would be great to hear from the folks who have found us and learn what they like or dislike. Please leave a comment below or drop me a line with your opinions or suggestions. On the other hand, if you think we’re getting it all wrong and would like to redress the balance, why not join us as an author and get your voice heard across our global network?

Aotearoa – from space

Neil from our Metroblogging neighbours Melbourne tipped me off about a Digg science and space post concerning a stunning hi-res photo of the shuttle crew’s most recent space walk. The full size hi-res shot shows the bottom half of the North Island and the top half of the South way below the space walking astronauts. Click through and play spot the capital – amongst other places.

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Bombs in Bangkok

Please spare a thought for our fellow Metrobloggers and those in Bangkok whose New Year’s Day has seen bombings throughout the city.  Local bloggers are covering the events and aftermath in which it appears children and six foreign visitors were hurt by what are reported to be grenade explosion.

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Happy New Year, world!

Happy New Year from Aotearoa

Bethells Beach/Te Henga, West Auckland

The very first folks to greet the New Year will be the good people of Kahuitara Point on Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands.  Along with them and others as diverse as the Fijians in Suva and the Far East Russians of the Kamchatka Peninsula, we live just to the left of the International Date Line and so will be the first Metroblog city to greet the dawn of the new year.  A few hours later, Melbourne will pick up the baton and so it will continue for 50 cities around the globe until Hawaii greet the dawn and the circle is completed.

May the coming year bring more peace, less strife, more compassion and less conflict to the peoples of the world.  If you make just one resolution this year, may it be to make a difference.

Happy New Year!

Grab your own copy of the Metroblogging Auckland desktop here.

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Happy Christmas, World!

Opening Christmas stockings a few minutes back

As the first Metroblogging city to see the dawning of Christmas Day, may me and mine wish you and yours a safe, healthy, peaceful Christmas Day, where ever you are and what ever you believe.

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NZHerald spooked by Metroblog

Obviously spooked by the appearance of Metroblogging Auckland, the New Zealand Herald web site is undergoing a hasty revamp and will launch it’s fresh look on Monday. As well as stylistic changes for tried and tested content like breaking news, the site will be re-engineered for easier navigation, will feature more hi-res images and promises more in the way of multimedia content.

Elsewhere, the competition are using different techniques to grab and keep their market share.  The Otago Daily Times provides online content in a fairly traditional fashion but offers various paid subscription options on digital editions of its print version.  However, The Dominion Post, the second largest paper in the country and centred around the capital Wellington doesn’t offer online content.

I heard about all this from the always interesting Mediawatch with Colin Peacock & Cushla Managh on National Radio. Last Sunday’s programme (Windows Media) concerned the changing nature of news reporting and the balance that newspapers are now trying to strike between printed and online content.  Likewise, Radio New Zealand are, like broadcasters the world over, providing an increasing amount of broadcast and original content in podcast form.

Don’t hold your breath for the print edition of Metroblogging Auckland.  Instead, why not check out the other 50 cities in our network and extend your world view?

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Kia Ora from Aotearoa


Auckland from the Harbour Bridge

Some 894 days ago, I sat down at a desk in a tiny room in a tiny apartment 18,353 kilometres from where I sit today and wrote my first post for the Metroblogging London. Metroblogging London was the first city outside the US to join what has become the world’s largest network of city focused blogs, a network that links over 700 contributing bloggers in 51 cities.

I had been writing my own blog in one form or another since the late ’90s and, if my memory serves me correctly, it was that which prompted Metroblogging’s co-creator Sean Bonner to ask me to head up the roll-out of the London site. Although I had written and contributed to a number of web sites before, the idea of city-centric blogging appealed to me and the following months saw a small band of us writing about living, working and playing in one of the world’s great cities.

A great deal has changed since those early days. With career changes, job relocations and other factors making it hard to meet the commitment required, the reins were passed to the infinitely more hip and groovy Ruby T and the London Metrobloggers while I slipped off into the distance. Somewhere between then and now came the decision to emigrate to New Zealand and I started a a separate blog to record the experience. Following a quick trip to New Zealand to get the lie of the land, the first half of 2005 was spent slowly completely dismantling our lives in London and preparing for emigration. Our last months in London were irrevocably changed by the devastating July 7th bombings. As with other bloggers involved in and affected by tragedies worldwide, the ‘citizen journalists’ of Metroblogging London blogged the immediate aftermath and the impact on the lives of Londoners in the weeks that followed.

Leaving London was strangely anti-climatic, leaving us slightly numb as we scudded across the Atlantic and US to a stopover in Los Angeles. It was in LA that and Metroblogging came into being in November 2003. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I called Sean and arranged to meet him for an iced coffee at the historic Farmer’s Market. Sitting in the bright Californian sun, Sean and I discussed all sorts of things including blogging, art and punk rock but all the time he was working the angles on a hidden agenda – a MetroBlog city in New Zealand. Given I didn’t have a home, a car, a job or even permission to stay in New Zealand at that point, I pleaded that it wasn’t a priority for me but I would keep it in mind. Fifteen months later, with a resident’s visa, home and job in Auckland, I’ve run out of excuses.

Metroblogging is all about a global community of local voices – the characters, the faces, the sounds and the locations that define our place in the world. We’d love to hear from bloggers in and around Auckland who would like to play their part in capturing those characters, faces, sounds and locations for the world to enjoy.

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